This is a submission to take part in the EDINBURGH HORROR FESTIVAL 2020 as an online/ digital participant.  

The shows applying here will all be staged ONLINE. Complete this form as best you can completing as much detail as possible relating to the production.

1.    The Edinburgh Horror Festival shall be staged ONLINE from Thursday October 22nd until Sunday November 1st.  You can apply for any number of days from one to a full run.  
2.    The application process runs until September 13th 2020.  We will continue to accept applications after this date but cannot guarantee any received after September 14th will be accommodated - if in doubt, contact us via our website
3.    We do not tolerate discrimination based on sexuality, gender identity, religion or disability.
4.    We tend to run the Festival with a Fringe oriented mindset.   No act exists in isolation.   You will get your show on our social media, hosted on YouTube and our website, listed in our printed programme (if print material is deemed safe during COVID-19) and online.  We highly recommend you market your own show using your social media as well – acts that do plenty of promotion tend to do better than those that do not.   
5.    There is a participation fee of £10 per show, this will be a flat fee regardless of the number of days you wish for your show to be live.

1.    The ideal run time for a live show is between 45 and 60 minutes.  We will consider shows longer and shorter than this but shows in the golden range are preferred.
2.    We accept any type of show application.
3.    You should aim to provide as much detail in your application as possible and ideally provide a video link to the show if it exists, or previous work if it doesn’t. Please do not simply give an “elevator pitch”. One of the main reasons for a show being rejected is they have not included enough detail in their application, the second reason for rejection is it is not clearly horror related.
4.    Shows can't have been publicly available in the three months leading up to this year's Horror Festival (so recordings should not be online later than July 31st to be considered).

1.    If successful you need to send us the full video for us to share on our own platforms.  It should be in a format that is compatible with platforms like Youtube.
2.    We will be responsible for getting the shows to go live during the run period.
3.    Shows should be of a suitably high audio and visual quality - this is largely subjective but if a video sent is difficult to hear or see we may not be able to accept it.
4.    You should provide a digital video of your show no later than October 1st

1.    For online shows please provide a suitable age rating.
2.    Admission prices are determined by the act themselves.  Most opt for a “Pay What you Can” model where the audience donates at the close of the show, but some have charged admission in the past.  We would recommend admission charged is no greater than £10.00 per ticket - many opt for £5.00
3.    If charging people to view your show, we will provide the online ticketing service via our website.  Please be aware that card handlers/ paypal will charge a small processing fee per transaction.  This is not something we do ourselves, nor do we actually make money from it,  but is a result of the platform used for payment.  It usually works out at around 10% of the ticket price.
4.    If opting for donations you can either provide a link to a donation platform,  we can also set up a donation button on our website

1.    We will list your show: on our website, set up a Facebook event via our page, and provide a listing for your show within our printed programme should a print programme be made.
2.    Additional things you might consider doing yourself: adding your show to listing sites such as The List or Skiddle (we will add general events for the Festival as a whole but not individual acts), boosting your own posts and events on Facebook, sending press releases to local and national press.  
3.    You must include our logo on all image based promotional materials including but not limited to fliers, posters, facebook covers, teaser images etc and regardless of platform - so the logo should be used if your images are going up on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, in a press advert etc

1.    Our fee structure alters slightly every year – this is because the length of the run alters slightly every year so we always fall around Hallowe’en.  
2.    The 2020 fees are set at £10 per show.
3.    Fees are not refundable and are payable in full within 28 days of acceptance of your offer.
4.    Fees cover the cost of promotion, printed programmes, Festival posters,  ID Lanyards for participants, website costs etc.    

1.    We will keep your information on file for 1 year following the close of EHF 2020. After this date, we will destroy all personal data unless you request otherwise.
2.    If you would like your personal data removed before that one year period has expired, please email