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Nobody is happy that Covid has struck the World and resulted in so much chaos, suffering and restrictions on freedom.  But we accept the scientific position that these measures are going to help resolve the situation.  Below are a number of topics relating to Covid restrictions and how they relate to our events.  These rules are subject to change based on venue and governmental decisions.  Any changes could be implemented with little notice, so please check with us or our venues if in any doubt.

These rules must be followed, except where exempt. 

Banshee Labyrinth:

At present the Banshee Labyrinth is operating a reduced capacity, as such it is highly recommended that you purchase tickets ahead of time, of reserve seats for donation entry shows where that option exists.  If there is no online reservation option for donation shows, then you can collect a free reservation ticket from the venue on the day of the show but these will likely be in a much lower supply. 

You must wear a mask when entering and moving around the building including going outside, to the toilet or to the bar to order.  Masks can be removed when seated AND eating or drinking.  If you are in a show and not drinking or eating you must wear a mask.

The Banshee Labyrinth requires proof of full vaccination for entry to their premises.

The Banshee Labyrinth operates a track and trace system at present- you will be asked to scan in on arrival.  If unable to do so, you may be asked to provide contact tracing information.

Due to the venue's capacity restriction (currently at under 50%) audiences may not be able to stay around after shows as audiences for later shows would need access.  Please check with staff upon exit from your show.

Walking Tours:
People attending the tour are advised to keep distanced from others on the tour where possible and we would encourage participants to wear masks in enclosed areas.  Though as this is outside there are fewer requirements beyond these encouraged ones.

The Edinburgh Dungeon:

We have copied the current rules and restrictions directly from the Edinburgh Dungeon website.  You should check there as they may update this at any time and we may not be able to update this site as quickly. 

  • Lower capacity – whilst legal restrictions have been lifted, we want to ensure we can offer you the best possible guest experience

  • Face coverings are still mandatory in Scotland and must be worn inside our attractions

  • You may continue to see Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and clothing for some of our staff

  • Continuation of enhanced cleaning, hygiene stations and hand sanitiser for guests at key locations

  • You may still see increased ventilation and suggested spatial separation markings and other similar operating adjustments around the attraction

The Edinburgh Dungeons FAQ page is here: Edinburgh Dungeon FAQs

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