Frankomime's Monster [Relives!]

Premiere Date
Thursday 22nd October at 10:00pm

Length: 72 Minutes

On Demand
Monday October 26th at 6:00pm
Until Sunday November 1st

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The popular Fringe show, Hallowe'en sell-out and most attended event of EHF 2018 returns!


Professor Frankomime created life last week. Now he has to deal with a son who is a huge lumbering, simple minded creature that only thinks about girls and won't come out of his room, a mortician who likes body parts but not just in that way and a nemesis called Professor Malpractice, who is out to get him.


Sometimes it just isn't easy being an upper class German-speaking scientist with an obsession for the dark arts. Prepare for a pantomime full of butchered (appropriate) songs, scientific rigor (of the "mortis" variety) and very, very small crowd scenes.

Cast (In Order of Appearance)

Tegan Gourlay

Misha McCullagh

Alexander Wiss


Crew Oliver Giggins (Writer & Director)

Ash Pryce (Design & Filming)

Iona Flucker (Filming)

Note: Archive Recording of original EHF run.

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