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Gabriel Featherstone: Curse of the Black Seal

"Wild, inventive comedy for fans of Emo Philips and Nick Lutsko." - Chris Thorburn, Breaking The News.


Seaglass  Beach (a gothic cabaret singer and burlesque artiste) and Gabriel  Featherstone (a stand-up comedian who wrote a viral tweet about  Tinky-Winky's sex life) present Curse of The Black Seal: an occult  self-help comedy musical!


What is the Black Seal? Is  mastering the occult a sensible alternative to therapy? And is it  possible to thrive and survive in a world where there is no Shrek 5? The  truth may be far stranger than you could ever fathom! 


Music produced by  Lawrence Tucker.

Shows on Thursday 26th and Sunday 29th are in the Cinema Room. The show on Monday 30th is in the Chamber Room.


Content Warning: Contains material relating to depression and anxiety

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