Premiere Date
Sunday October 25th at

8:10pm Facebook / 8:15pm YouTube

Length: One Hour


On Demand
Monday October 26th at 6:00pm
Until Sunday November 1st

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Put on ice by "the extended incident" HaunTED finally makes its debut with Magick!, a tongue in cheek exploration of the occult. Brought to you by the Kilted Wizard himself, Danov Valravn, HaunTED talks: Magick! is the first of what hope to be many forays into the world of horror edutainment.


If you have always wondered where practitioners think magick comes from, why the extra k, what makes them buy all those bloody candles or are just looking for some good old fashioned edutaninment, HaunTED Talks: Magick! might just be what you're looking for.


Danov Valravn - As Himself... also writing, editing and performing dark rites to the muses.

Amber Valravn - costume, lighting, filming and actual art.

Thanks to: Jay and Clara, Vincent, Aurelio and Corbin

Content warning: Discussion of the occult, sexuality, religious themes

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