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The Literary Medium

  • PREMIERES: Friday 22nd October at 8:45pm

  • ON DEMAND: Until 31st October

  • Run time: 65 minutes

  • £5.00 per screen

The early 20th century saw a glut of dead writers adding over 5 million words to Literature from beyond the grave; some work garnering critical acclaim, becoming best-sellers and making fortunes. Discover the forgotten women behind these stories, learn the methods they used, and experience these posthumous works (including revelations from Shakespeare's own autobiography) as we delve into the extra-ordinary stories of the best-selling books written over the Ouija Board, the ghosts sued for breach of contract and the Puritan woman who edited a magazine and got a Hollywood movie deal despite having been dead for over two centuries.

Cast (In Order of Appearance) Ash Pryce, Danielle Farrow, RH Hale, Holly Wagner, Rhona Mackay

Crew Oliver Giggins (Writer/Director) Ash Pryce (Design)

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