This is a submission to take part in the EDINBURGH HORROR FESTIVAL 2022.  You should read, understand, and agree to these before submitting a show.  You will be expected to abide by any rules and conditions that you agree to by submitting your show to us.

This submission is for in-person, live shows at present only.  We intend to include a digital component, but are currently finalising the exact shape that will take.  Films should reach out to us directly at


1.  The Edinburgh Horror Festival runs from Thursday October 27th to Monday October 31st  2022.  

      a) Full length shows (40 minutes+) will run Thursday October 27th – Sunday October 30th. 

      b) Short pieces (Up to 15 minutes) will be hosted as part of a variety showcase event on Monday October 31st. 

      c) This form is for FULL LENGTH shows only.  To submit a short act for the Variety Showcase please complete the form here.

2.   The Banshee Labyrinth is a working pub venue.  Due to licensing laws relevant to our venue, all those involved in your production from performers, front of house, technical, or anyone who will be present in the venue at any point, must be aged 18 or over on or before Wednesday October 26th 2022.  You may be required to show proof of age.

3.    Submissions are open until June 30th 2022. The submission form will remain open after this date but we cannot guarantee any submissions received after it will be processed.

4.    You should not turn up for a performance under the influence of alcohol or drugs. You should not behave in an abusive manner toward anyone at the venue.  If you do, we reserve the right to cancel your show with immediate effect.   

5.    There will be EHF staff on hand during the Festival weekend. You should approach these before approaching bar staff for assistance when the venue is busy.

6.    You will get a performance space, tech equipment (Type is room dependent- see Technical section for further details), listed in our printed programme and online, and access to limited storage space. 

7.    The participation fee is £50 for the full festival run- four nights, with a one hour slot per night (not including get in/out times). 



As we are still in pandemic status – at time of writing – there is always the chance that the in person event may be cancelled with little notice should government rules, or venue closure necessitate it- although that seems very unlikely at this point.  In the scenario that the event is cancelled we will roll over all slots to 2023 automatically.  The planned dates [subject to change] for which are Thursday 26th October to Sunday 29th October 2023, with the variety showcase again happening on Hallowe’en Night itself.  We would always encourage people to engage in a manner they consider safe – you are free to set a limit on capacity of your room, the use of a HEPA UV Air Purifier is available on request.  You can also require proof of a negative Covid test for entry by audiences- though you would be responsible for policing that, we would make it clear on our listings.  The venue has good air filtration systems, updated during the pandemic. 



1.    The ideal run time for a live show is between 45 and 60 minutes.  We will consider shows longer and shorter than this but shows in the golden range are preferred.

2.    Shows under 30 minutes are advised to partner up with another act of a similar time frame to submit a two hander. Acts under 15 minutes are best to submit their performance to the Variety Showcase here.

3.    There will be between 15 and 30 minutes between In-person shows – this can vary depending on the type of show.  

4.    Limited storage will be available for props, set pieces (within reason) and costume.  They are left at the venue at the owners risk and neither the EHF nor venue, or staff, takes responsibility for losses and / or damages.  We would also recommend labelling your items so other acts know not to use them as all acts will have access to storage areas. 

5.    Shows must start and end on time.  Over running shows have a knock on effect that impacts the entire night.

6.    We accept a variety of show types but at present cannot accommodate live bands or fire work.  If your project is a movie you should reach out to us via email as we are not a film festival, but have the capacity to screen films – however there is a different set up for those. Please contact

7.    You should aim to provide as much detail in your submission as possible and ideally provide a video link to the show if it exists, or previous work if it doesn’t. Please do not simply give an “elevator pitch”. One of the main reasons for a show being rejected is they have not included enough detail in their application, the second reason for rejection is it is not clearly horror related.



1.    If successful you will be offered a technical rehearsal slot by our venue coordinator approximately 3- 4 weeks before the festival begins.  This will be arranged with accepted acts and be an opportunity to see and use the tech set up in the rooms. There will also be a general get in on Wednesday 26th October from 2pm – 5pm for moving in props, set, for your cast and crew to see the space if they haven’t already and to meet the wider EHF team.  At least one member of your crew must attend each of these.

1b. There will also be an act orientation conducted over Zoom for successful submissions.  This will be held in June or July and be a chance to ask additional questions, meet the performer liaison and other acts.

2.    All spaces have microphones, sound systems, a way to screen imagery (either via projection or a television) and lighting – the level of which varies dependent on room. 

3.    You will be responsible for providing your own technician and playback device (laptop, mobile, tablet etc).  If you are struggling to secure a technician, please contact us and we can put you in touch with technical assistance – any third party technicians we recommend will set their own rates and will act independent of the EHF.

4. If you are offered a show in the Cinema or Chamber room you will have the option to live stream one of your performances if you wish.  We have had positive feedback for providing a digital component and would like to continue this.  You are able to charge for audiences accessing the digital stream if you wish.



1.    Shows cannot admit under 18s under any circumstances for the in-person events.  Please ensure that OVER 18s ONLY is clearly displayed on any and all marketing.

2.    Admission prices are determined by the act themselves.  Most opt for a “Pay What you Can” model where the audience donates at the close of the show, but some have charged admission in the past.  A bucket will be provided for collecting donations at the end, a member of your team should be stationed with it near the exit.

3.    If charging admission we will sell the tickets both online, and with a box office presence over the weekend.

4.    For Pay What You can shows, we offer audiences the opportunity to reserve seats via our website should they chose to.  The reservation price, if any, will be set by the act.

5.    If charging admission or seat reservations we will provide the online ticketing service via our website.  Please be aware that card handlers/ paypal will charge a small processing fee per transaction.  This is not something we do ourselves, nor do we actually make money from it, but is a result of the platform used for payment- it is usually around 5%.   You should factor this in to whatever you plan to charge for admission.

6.  You will be contacted by our treasurer within 14 working days of completion of the Festival to arrange payment of your sales.  Payment will then be made the first half of December as long as we have your invoice.



1.    We will list your show: on our website, set up a Facebook event via our page, provide a listing for your show within our printed programme and on several prominent listing sites.  Each year we submit a number of press releases to different types of press throughout the country- how much this is picked up by press can vary but we do send out releases and make contact with press.  We also engage with online advertising.

2.    We recommend that you get posters and fliers printed.  Double sided A6 fliers are the most common, and A3 posters the common size- but participants have opted for different sizes in the past.  You should aim to have these at the venue at least a fortnight before the Festival begins.  You should look at printing at least 10-15 posters for the venue itself, plus however many you think you can adequately distribute about Edinburgh.  We’d recommend printing 500 - 1000 fliers for a full run – more if you are a strong on-the-street flyerer or distributer. 

3.    Acts that have flyered in the past have, generally, had larger audiences than those that haven’t.  You must offer the EHF programme alongside your own fliers as this helps to promote everyone. 

4.    You must include our logo on all image based promotional materials including but not limited to fliers, posters, Facebook covers, teaser images etc and regardless of platform - so the logo should be used if your images are going up on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, in a press advert etc The exception is for show or rehearsal photos used for promotion, you do not need to include the logo on those, though you may add if you wish

5. We will ask for a number of images at a later date for use in our own programme and online promotion.



1.    The 2022 participation fees are set at £50 for a full run of shows up to one hour long.  This equates to £12.50 per performance.

2. If your show lasts more than an hour the participation fee will increase by 25% per additional half hour.  So a show lasting one hour 25 minutes would have a fee of £62.50.

3.    Fees are not refundable and are payable in full within 28 days of acceptance of your offer- which itself should be accepted within 14 days of the offer being made.

4.   Fees cover the basic costs of running the Festival.




1.    We will keep your information on file for 1 year following the close of EHF 2022. After this date, we will destroy all personal data unless you request otherwise. 

2.    If you would like your personal data removed before that one year period has expired, please email

3. You should familiarise yourself with our safeguarding policy, as well as our constitution and complaints policy.