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These are the terms and conditions to take part in the EDINBURGH HORROR FESTIVAL 2024.  You should read, understand, and agree to these before submitting a show (Link to show submissions at the bottom of this page).  By submitting a show you will be acknowledging and agreeing to the EHF Terms and conditions (contained herein)  and will be expected to adhere to any requirements listed.   

The submission is for in-person, live shows lasting between 40 and 60 minutes.  We are unable to consider submissions outside of these parameters.  You can submit a show for a one off performance (Saturday 2nd November OR Sunday 3rd November only), or for a full run of four nights from Thursday October 31st to Sunday November 3rd inclusive.  The venue is The Banshee Labyrinth, Niddry Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1LG.  We use several spaces within it. We cannot accept submissions for live music, fire acts, or film.


Submissions Close: Wednesday, 1st of May 2024. 

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS YOU SHOULD EMAIL US AT participants AT or fill in our contact form.
SECTION 1: General 
SECTION 2: The Venue
SECTION 3: Health 
SECTION 4: About Your Production 
SECTION 5: Technical
SECTION 6: Admission
SECTION 7: Promotion 
SECTION 8: Fees 
SECTION 9: Additional
SECTION 10: Equality and Diversity



  1. The Edinburgh Horror Festival runs from Thursday October 31st to Sunday November 3rd inclusive. Full length shows (40 minutes+) will run for: four nights from Thursday October 31st to Sunday, November 3rd.  Single performance shows will run on the afternoon of Saturday November 2nd or Sunday November 3rd. 

  2. The venue is Banshee Labyrinth, this is a central Edinburgh venue with four spaces.  Primarily used as a live music venue outside of the Horror Festival it also hosts shows during the Fringe.  Due to licensing laws relevant to our venue, all those involved in your production from performers, front of house, technical, or anyone who will be present in the venue at any point, must be aged 18 or over on or before Wednesday October 30th 2024.  You may be required to show proof of age. 

  3. Submissions are open until Wednesday May 1st, 2024 and we will not accept submissions after this date.  

  4. If you are offered a place, you should not turn up for a performance under the influence of alcohol or drugs. You should not behave in an abusive manner toward anyone at the venue including staff, customers, and fellow acts.  If you do, we reserve the right to cancel your show with immediate effect.     

  5. There will be EHF staff on hand during the Festival weekend. You should approach EHF staff in most cases first.  For situations where approaching bar staff is required as a first step, refer to the Participants Handbook provided to successful applicants.

  6. You will get a performance space, tech equipment (Type is room dependent- see Technical section for further details), listed in our printed programme and online, and access to storage space- space is limited and shared so consider this when thinking about set and props.   

  7. The participation fee is £50 for a four night full run. Single performances are £13. This is paid upon you're accepting of any offers made.

  8. If you are offered a slot you will be provided with a Participants Handbook which details important dates for delivering program information, ID lanyard info, important email addresses, details on how to invoice us, and answers many of the questions you are likely to have once you've accepted a slot.  It is required that you read this document which is approximately 15 pages.  An audio version will be available upon request.


The Banshee Labyrinth is one of Edinburgh’s most popular bars.  It is open until 3am each night and is believed by many to be the most haunted pub in Scotland, partly built into Edinburgh’s Underground Vaults.  It will be providing four performance spaces as well as an area to station our make up artists.  The venue is strictly over 18s. The four rooms are The Cinema, The Chamber, The Banquet Hall (Or “Vault”), and The Cave Bar. The venue’s address is: 29-35 Niddry Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1LG 

Sound board inputs are via DMX or 6.35mm Jack.  There will be 6.35 to 3.5mm (Standard headphone) adapters available upon request.

A breakdown of room specifics, including pictures, can be found here:


This is our largest room.  Priority goes to multi person theatre shows, or acts that are expected to draw a large crowd.  It is set up in a standard end on stage with rowed seating.  There is an apron that allows for the stage depth to be increased.  You should include in your application if you will require the apron.

The cinema is able to seat an upper number of around 35.  This is an estimate as seating is long sofa like seats.  The exact number of people who can fit in to the space depends on how much space the act may need to use (Many acts use the front short row as a tech area, others have multiple performers who use the rear long row) as well as requirements of individual audience members.   We usually place spoken word and solo theatre shows in here, as well as acts that are newer to us. 


The Cave Bar is a space in one of the stoney underground vaults with a corner bar (Closed to general public during shows).  This space is more suited to stand up comedy and certain solo shows, and shows that won’t require many people on stage.  There is no projection available in this space. Seats 25.

The Banquet Hall, sometimes called “The Vault” or “Pool Room” is another stone vaulted room.  The space is a unique one and probably suited to acts wanting to try something site specific, or very interactive utilising the whole space.  There is an area able to be used as a stage if you wish to remain static, however seating is along the edges of the room and there is a large pool table centre- which will be covered into a more traditional “table”.  This could suit workshops, discussions, site specific theatre. Due to the nature of the space traditional “Stage dimensions” are not easy to provide but if you use the end area that has previously been used as a stage it would be approx. 17 foot wide, bearing in mind the ceiling curves down as a vault.  It is around 5 feet deep. As with other rooms there is a sound board for audio input, and lights are four colour changing LEDs. The grey "seats" are moveable to a degree if you wish to rearrange the tables and chairs to provide more space. Seats: Variable, up to 40.



Although the emergency phase is over, we are still in pandemic status – at time of writing – and there is always the chance that the in person event may be cancelled with little notice should government rules, or venue closure necessitate it- although that seems very unlikely at this point.  In the scenario that the event is cancelled we will roll over all slots to 2025 automatically.  We would always encourage people to engage in a manner they consider safe. The venue has good air filtration systems, updated during the pandemic.  We support acts wishing to use masks themselves, and if you wish to require audiences to mask that is your prerogative, though it is advisable to provide masks should you require that.  This doesn’t apply just to Covid, we have all learned a lot over the past four years and we will support acts who wish to take additional precautions to ensure a comfortable and safe running of their event.

  1. The ideal run time for a live show is between 40 and 60 minutes.   

  2. Shorter shows are advised to partner up with another act of a similar time frame to submit a double bill as a single show.  

  3. There will be a 15 change over time between In-person shows. During this time Act A will get out and Act B will get in.     

  4. Limited storage will be available for props, set pieces (within reason) and costume.  They are left at the venue at the owners risk and neither the EHF nor venue, or staff, takes responsibility for losses and / or damages.  We would also recommend labelling your items so other acts know not to use them as all acts will have access to storage areas.   

  5. Shows must start and end on time.  Over running shows have a knock on effect that impacts the entire night. 

  6. We accept a variety of show types but at present cannot accommodate live bands or fire work.  We are not a film festival.  

  7. You should aim to provide as much detail in your submission as possible and ideally provide a video link to the show if it exists, or previous work if it doesn’t. Please do not simply give an “elevator pitch”. One of the main reasons for a show being rejected is they have not included enough detail in their application, the second reason for rejection is it is not clearly horror related. 

  8. You will have the option to live stream one of your performances.  The exact performance date will depend on our teams availability and how many other shows are streaming.  We are likely to live stream all shows that wish to on a room by room basis (Eg, all Chamber room streams on the same day).  Live streams cost extra, but you can charge for access to the stream.


  1. We will be providing two Venue Visit days.These have different purposes and you may decide that only certain members of your team need to attend.These two days are the only guaranteed time pre-Festival you have access to the venue.

    1. Venue Induction Day: This will be on Sunday September 8th.It is aimed at those who have never performed with the Edinburgh Horror Festival before, or who may have more complicated productions or tech. It is an opportunity to see the technical set up first hand in each room and be given an induction by the venue’s technical manager, as well as finding your footing in the venue, and putting up any posters or flyers if you have them.

    2. Get In Day(s): In your show offer you will be given a scheduled get in day and time.This will be on either Tuesday October 29th or Wednesday October 30th during the afternoon or early evening.You will be given at least one hour in the space to test your lights and sound, set up and tear down times, and for your performers to test the stage. If you have not performed with us before it is essential that you attend this along with as many of your team members as able, especially if you did not attend the earlier Venue Induction Day.

  2. All spaces have microphones, sound systems, and lighting – the level of which varies dependent on room.  The Cinema Room and Chamber Room both have projection facilities.  If you wish to use projection in the Vault or Cave Bar rooms you would need to provide that yourself.   Please bear this in mind if you require projection but are offered the Cave or Vault/Banquet Hall.  

  3. You will be responsible for providing your own technician and playback device (laptop, mobile, tablet etc).  If you are struggling to find a technician, we will provide a contact list for additional services including technicians– all of whom are independent of the EHF. 

  4. If you are offered a show in the Cinema or Chamber room you may have the option to live stream one of your performances if you wish.  There is an additional cost to live streaming. 


  1. Shows cannot admit under 18s under any circumstances for the in-person events.  Please ensure that OVER 18s ONLY is clearly displayed on all marketing.  Disabled access is room, and disability, dependent.

  2. We are introducing a new ticketing structure for EHF24.  In order to add a more uniformed and simpler ticketing set up for audiences, acts will select what they wish to charge from a ticketing scale: £5, £8, £10, £12, £15, £18. There are two ways to do this:

    • Choosing a single price option.This will be the set price.We understand some folk like to know specifically what they may earn from sales and a single price point is desired.

    • Choose the “Your Ticket, Your Choice” option.Choose as many of the price points as you like and all will be available on the website and Box Office.Audiences can then select which price they wish to pay. We have found that given this option some audience members are willing to pay more than what you might set as a firm ticket price.

  3. In order to ensure a controlled flow of audiences, and to protect acts and volunteers from potentially unruly attendees, we now require attendees purchase a ticket before admission from the box office or online. Front of House will have QR codes that audiences in the queue can scan to purchase tickets for the show if they haven’t bought ahead of time.  You can still do a donation/ bucket speech at the end of your performance if you wish.  If you are an act that has performed with us before, please get in touch with us if there are any concerns about this new system.

  4. Please be aware that card handlers/ paypal will charge a small processing fee per transaction.  This is not something we do ourselves, nor do we actually make money from it, but is a result of the platform used for payment- it is usually around 5%.   You should factor this into whatever you select to charge for admission.  

  5. Acts will be notified of the ticket monies owed to them by mid November.  You should then invoice us by November 30th. Payment is usually made mid December.  Ensure your invoice is with us no later than March 31st 2025.

  6. You will have the option after acceptance to decide if you wish to allow “comp” (free) tickets for press, industry, other acts etc.  The only type of comp we require to be made available is for the volunteers during their time off.  As volunteers give their time freely to manage your doors, and assist with the running of the Festival, we need to ensure they can see the shows they are supporting so we require acts to allow two tickets per show for use by volunteers [Clarification added 29/01/24: If no comps are taken by volunteers, then they will be opened up for sale].


  1. We will list your show: on our website, set up a Facebook event via our page, provide a listing for your show within our printed programme and on several prominent listing sites.  Each year we submit a number of press releases to different types of press throughout the country- how much this is picked up by press can vary but we do send out releases and make contact with press.  We also engage with online advertising. 

  2. We recommend that you get posters and fliers printed.  Double sided A6 fliers are the most common, and A3 posters the common size- but participants have opted for different sizes in the past.  You should aim to have these at the venue at least a fortnight before the Festival begins.  You should look at printing at least 10-15 posters for the venue itself, plus however many you think you can adequately distribute about Edinburgh.  We’d recommend printing 500 - 1000 fliers for a full run – more if you are a strong on-the-street flyerer or distributer.  

  3. Acts that have flyered in the past have, generally, had larger audiences than those that haven’t.  You must offer the EHF programme alongside your own fliers as this helps to promote everyone.   

  4. You must include our logo on all image based promotional materials including but not limited to fliers, posters, Facebook covers, teaser images etc and regardless of platform - so the logo should be used if your images are going up on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, in a press advert etc The exception is for show or rehearsal photos used for promotion, you do not need to include the logo on those, though you may add if you wish .  The black and white logo should only be used on materials printed in black and white.

  5. We will ask for a number of images at a later date for use in our own programme and online promotion.


  1. The 2024 participation fees are set at £50 for a four night run of shows up to one hour long.  This equates to £12.50 per performance.  

  2. The participation fee for a one off performance is £13 

  3. Fees are not refundable and are payable in full by June 1st 2024.

  4. Live streaming costs an additional £30 per stream.  If you wish to live stream the stream date will be included in your show offer. All shows will stream on our website and be available for 24 hours after the stream.  All acts will also receive a copy of the live stream recording for their own records/ use.


  1. We will keep your information on file for 1 year following the close of EHF 2024. After this date, we will destroy all personal data unless you request otherwise.  

  2. If you would like your personal data removed before that one year period has expired, please contact us via the contact form.

  3. You should familiarise yourself with our safeguarding policy, as well as our constitution and complaints procedures.  Links to these can be found in the footer of our website at 

  4. We only have access to the venue on the dates specified for either get ins or show runs.  We have no power to grant rehearsal time in the space. 

  5. We will have a photographer on site during the Festival, and you will receive a selection of photographs for your own records/ use.

The following quoted section is found in our constitution: “Section 3: Equality and Diversity Statement
3.1 Discrimination or harassment, direct or indirect, based on a person’s protected characteristics will not be tolerated. 
3.2 Should a welfare or equality and diversity complaint be brought against an act or trustee, the incident will be investigated at the board’s discretion.  If the act or trustee’s behaviour is found to be in breach of the Festival’s commitment to equality and welfare, the board may vote to restrict the act from performing at the Edinburgh Horror Festival, or remove the trustee from their office with immediate effect.
3.3 Neither individual trustees, nor the board as a whole shall be permitted preferential treatment regarding applications to take part in the festival.  Trustees performing in the festival are required to fully follow guidelines for participants.”

We want to ensure we are a festival that represents people of many diverse backgrounds.  Horror has always been a popular genre with people from a variety of backgrounds.  The information you provide in this section of the form is voluntary and will not be a determining factor in show offers, but allows us to see how our line up reflects society.  This information will be kept confidential and private, except where permission is granted, and deleted within one calendar month of completion of the festival if accepted, or by end of June 2024 if your show is not accepted.  See our privacy policy at

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