Before submitting a show you MUST have read these guidelines in full and understand them.  If you have any queries please email


This is a submission to take part in the EDINBURGH HORROR FESTIVAL 2021.  At present we cannot say with certainty how much, if any, will be in person.  This form will allow you to submit a show for consideration as in person, digital or live streamed.  Selecting to do a digital or streamed show does not mean you can not change to in person later should that option become more realistic.


The shows applying here will all be staged at THE BANSHEE LABYRINTH if in person, Edinburgh in one of four rooms we have available. Complete this form as best you can completing as much detail as possible relating to the production.


Whether in person shows can go ahead is, at present, unknown but we are cautiously optimistic SOME form of live in person festival can happen.  However, there may be restrictions on numbers and the types of shows that can happen.  It may be that capacity is 50%, or that we can only allow shows with a limited number on stage.  We hope you understand that a lot of this is still very up in the air.  You will be able to change details as we move forward but this form allows us to determine what shape the festival will take.



1.    The Edinburgh Horror Festival runs during late October with the main section featuring artists from across the country which shall be staged at the Banshee Labyrinth from Thursday October 28th until Sunday October 31st.  You can apply for any number of days from one to a full run.  

2.    Due to licensing laws relevant to our venue, all those involved in your production from performers, front of house, technical, or anyone who will be present in the venue at any point, must be aged 18 or over on or before Tuesday October 26th 2020.

3.    The application process runs until June 30th 2021 (though this may be extended pending the covid situation).  We will continue to accept applications after this date but cannot guarantee any received after it will be accommodated - if in doubt, contact us via our website

4.    You should not turn up for a performance under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you do, we reserve the right to pull your show without notice.  You will not be refunded participation fees.

5.    There will be EHF staff on hand, at busy times this might involve a number of EHF volunteers.  At the very least, members of the organising committee will be on hand in the venue.  You should approach these before approaching bar staff for assistance when the venue is busy.

6.    Abuse is not tolerated. Abusive behaviour may result in a simple caution to control your temper, or in extreme cases termination of your show.  This includes abuse aimed at the bar staff – if you annoy the venue and they say they want you removed, there is nothing we can do, you and your show would be pulled.

7.    We do not tolerate discrimination based on sexuality, gender identity, religion or disability.

8.    We tend to run the Festival with a Fringe oriented mindset.   No act exists in isolation.   You will get a space, tech equipment, listed in our printed programme and online, access to storage space.  We highly recommend you flier for your show – acts that do plenty of promotion tend to do better than those that do not. Acts that do no promotion will do very badly.  

9.    There is a participation fee of £10 per performance lasting up to one hour, with longer shows charged in 30 minute/ £5.00 increments.  If digital this is the full fee payable.  If in person it is PER performance up to a full run of 4 days.

10.   Things are still in an unknown territory due to the COVID situation but we are expecting the live events to go ahead in October. This means things are subject to change as government recommendations change. We are unsure the exact number of audience members will be allowed or just how many rooms we have yet this year. Please bear this in mind - but by October we feel that most of the stricter restrictions will have been relaxed.



1.    The ideal run time for a live show is between 45 and 60 minutes.  We will consider shows longer and shorter than this but shows in the golden range are preferred. Shows under 30 minutes are advised to partner up with another act of a similar time frame to submit a two hander.  Digital shows we are open to even shorter pieces

2.    There will be up to 30 minutes between In-person shows - this allows ten minutes for shows to get out after closing, ten minutes to clean the space and then ten minutes for the following show to set up.  This may be shorter depending on Covid restrictions.

3.    Limited storage will be available for props, set pieces (within reason) and costume.  They are left at the venue at the owners risk and neither the EHF nor venues take responsibility for losses and / or damages.  We would also recommend labeling your items so other acts know not to use them as all acts will have access to storage areas.

4.    Shows must start and end on time.  If a show is over running, please speak to the act in question after to ensure it doesn't happen again.  If it repeats, then inform a member of the EHF team who will bring this up with the act.  

5.    We accept any type of show application though we cannot at this point accommodate live bands or fire circus acts.

6.    You can run your show for any combination of the four days but we prefer applicants to opt for up to a full run. If opting for a shorter run you will not ordinarily have an option of which days – so if you opted for doing a single show, you might be offered any of the four days. You should inform us if there are any days you absolutely cannot do.

7.    You should aim to provide as much detail in your application as possible and ideally provide a video link to the show if it exists, or previous work if it doesn’t. Please do not simply give an “elevator pitch”. One of the main reasons for a show being rejected is they have not included enough detail in their application, the second reason for rejection is it is not clearly horror related.


TECHNICAL (in person)

1.    If successful you will be offered a technical rehearsal slot on either Wednesday October 27th or during the day of Thursday October 28th. These slots generally last 90 minutes.  If you do not attend one of them, you will not have a chance to try out the tech in the room.  If these dates are impossible, please speak to us and we MAY be able to schedule a different slot, but this is very dependent on both our technical support and venue.

2.    All spaces have microphones, sound systems, a way to screen imagery (either via projection or a television) and stage lighting – the level of which varies dependent on room.  

3.    You will be responsible for providing your own technician and playback device (laptop, mobile, tablet etc).  If you are struggling to secure a technician, please contact us and we can put you in touch with technical assistance – any third party technicians we recommend will set their own rates and will act independent of the EHF.


TECHNCIAL (Digital/ streamed)

1. You should ensure pre recorded material is with us no later than October 12th. It should be in a format that can be uploaded to YouTube (Usually MP4 is preferred). 

2. Live streamed is a different matter- you will need to have your own source (be it zoom, Youtube etc) and provide us with the relevant link for sharing/ selling tickets.


ADMISSION (in person)

1.    Shows cannot admit under 18s under any circumstances.  Please ensure that OVER 18s ONLY is clearly displayed on any and all marketing.

2.    Admission prices are determined by the act themselves.  Most opt for a “Pay What you Can” model where the audience donates at the close of the show, but some have charged admission in the past.  We would recommend admission charged is no greater than £10.00 per ticket.

3.    Though we will have volunteers on hand, they are mainly responsible for crowd control and assisting in the changeover of rooms.  They do not run your Box Office, you should ensure you have a member of your team on hand to do the in person box office should you opt for paid admission.  Pay What you Can shows will have a donation bucket provided but should still staff the door themselves.  If we were to provide a staffed box office this would ultimately lead to an increase in participation fees so we do not offer this service in order to keep participation fees down.

4.    For Pay What You can shows, we offer audiences the opportunity to reserve seats via our website should they chose to.  We suggest these seat reservation tickets are set at £5 or more.

5.    If charging admission or seat reservations we will provide the online ticketing service via our website.  Please be aware that card handlers/ paypal will charge a small processing fee per transaction.  This is not something we do ourselves, nor do we actually make money from it,  but is a result of the platform used for payment.  This usually works out far better than using online ticketing systems provided by third parties..


ADMISSION (Digital/ streamed)

1. If opting for pay-what-you-can you should provide links in your descriptions, actual call out in video as well as links on screen are recommended.  

2. If ticketing, you would need to have a closed source- for example a zoom room with link or an unlisted Youtube video.

3. we can provide ticketing on our website and you will receive the ticket price minus whatever card handling charges are made by the card handling platform (This is external to us and is usually around 5% but can be slightly higher.)



1.    We will list your show: on our website, set up a Facebook event via our page, and provide a listing for your show within our printed programme.

2.    We seriously recommend, though do not require, that you get posters and fliers printed.  Double sided A6 fliers are the most common, and A3 posters the common size.  You should aim to have these at the venue at least a fortnight before the Festival begins.  You should look at printing at least 10-15 posters for the venue itself, plus however many you think you can adequately distribute about Edinburgh.  We’d recommend printing 500 - 1000 fliers for a full run – more if you are a strong on-the-street flyerer or distributer. 

3.    You must offer the EHF programme alongside your own fliers.  And we do recommend on street flyering as a big help.

4.    Additional things you might consider doing yourself: adding your show to listing sites such as The List or Skiddle (we will add general events for the Festival as a whole but not individual acts), boosting your own posts and events on Facebook, sending press releases to local and national press. We will add your company or producer as co-host to our Facebook events which would give you the option to boost the event (This has been known to sell out shows) 

5.    You must include our logo on all image based promotional materials including but not limited to fliers, posters, facebook covers, teaser images etc and regardless of platform - so the logo should be used if your images are going up on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, in a press advert etc But does not need to be n publicity photos used for promotion (Though you may add if you wish)



1.    Our fee structure alters slightly every year – this is because the length of the run alters slightly every year so we always fall around Hallowe’en.  

2.    The 2021 fees are set at £10 per hour long slot, with one hour being the minimum payment amount.  So if an act has a 45 minute show and they want to perform each night of the Festival (four nights) then they will pay £40.00. For digital shows this will be £10 flat fee. 

3.    Additional >30 minutes are charged at £5.  So a show lasting 80 minutes will pay a participation fee of £15 per slot.   A show lasting 95 minutes will pay £20 per slot as they have broken into the second additional 30 minutes.

4.    Fees are not refundable and are payable in full within 28 days of acceptance of your offer- which itself should be accepted within 14 days of the offer being made.

5.    Fees cover the cost of printed programmes, Festival posters,  ID Lanyards for participants, website costs etc.    



1.    We will keep your information on file for 1 year following the close of EHF 2021. After this date, we will destroy all personal data unless you request otherwise. 

2.    If you would like your personal data removed before that one year period has expired, please email



If you opt for a digital show you will be charged the £10 fee, but you can opt later to have the show as an in person show and a second invoice for the difference generated.