Patient 4620

Live online from 6pm Thursday October 22nd until the end of the Festival

Interactive Theatre

Length: 45 minutes, but time may vary depending on the speed at which the audience move through the experience

Ticket price £5.00



Patient 4620 is an immersive theatre show exploring the life and work of Gretel Sauerbrot; a once famous artist admitted to the Raventhorne Institution and then never heard from again. You are invited to Edinburgh’s Royal Museum of Contemporary Art, and through a series of audio guides you explore and uncover clues to Gretel’s past. This already unique theatre show has been adapted for online viewing and with its blend of interactive film, auditory storytelling, and choose-your-own-adventure; the result is a rich and sensory experience that won’t easily be forgotten.


Note to the audience: This show is best experienced with headphones.


Please have paper and drawing materials to hand. “It’s an absolutely fabulous promenade/experiential play, and very effective: slowly building with disquieting-yet-enthralling horror… I can’t recommend it enough.” Audience member, London Lovecraft Festival “…genuinely creepy and immersive experience.” Voice Magazine

Content warning: Themes surrounding outdated mental health practice. Mention of genital mutilation.

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