A Gift of Nightmares

A Gift of Nightmares

**** IMPORTANT You will not be able to access this show until the premiere time. NOTE: This a shortened version of the advertised piece and features the "Luthier" tale of violins and obsession. We are aiming to have the second part available soon. ****



  • Available on demand until the end of October 31st
  • Available from 8:00pm
  • 50 minutes full (20 minutes "The Luthier")
  • £5.00
  • Digital Show

If you are fond of the sinister and macabre, come and join Inés Alvarez Villa, a storyteller based in Edinburgh, who will present a show of dark gothic horror tales. Her stories will take you on a journey from a story of violins and obsession in packed concert halls to a brush with the supernatural in the depths of Spanish galleon in the high seas. These terrifying stories are guaranteed to give you a few nightmares! ​


By Inés Alvarez Villa


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