Lilies: A Tale Between Worlds

Lilies: A Tale Between Worlds

**** IMPORTANT You will not be able to access the video before the premiere time****


  • Friday 22nd - Sunday 31st October
  • Premieres: Fri. October 22nd at 7:15pm
  • 65 minutes
  • £3.00
  • Digital Performance
  • Over 16 only


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Multimedia performance, kept in Shakespeare’s bloody tragedy style. A woman killed her wedded Lord and planted titled lilies on his grave. As these blossoms are well known symbol of innocence, she cannot cover her crime with them and breaks a natural scheme of things. Since then the main plot of crime and punishment will be placed in a world of supernatural powers and the justice will be brought from the grave. The play presents us with gallery of mysterious creatures who are both symbolic and metaphysical and poses a question about the possibility of avoiding punishment…


Adapted and Directed by Pat Zajac


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