The Blue Men of the Minch

The Blue Men of the Minch

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*** Seats are still available but can no longer be reserved ahead of time ***

Sunday 31st October

7:00 pm Start

60 minutes

£Donation At End - or reserve seats for £5.00 here

The Banshee Labyrinth [Chamber Room], Niddry Street, EH1 1LG

Over 18 only



Two outcasts, making a break for it across the vast and unforgiving minch. Ah, but tis not the storm or the police they should be worried about. There are creatures, in waters deep, who unwitting sailor may have the misfortune to meet. If they are not successful in a battle of wit, Then soon they will fall into a watery pit. A comical horror that promises to have you laughing, whilst fearing for your life. You may be the one who can save our protagonists from their demonic demise. Unless it is with the sea demons you choose to side.


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Although this show is a donation-based entry show you have the option to reserve a seat for £5.00 in advance. Please be aware that the act will still give a "donation speech" at the end of their show to the audience as a whole, and you are encouraged to donate if you particularly enjoyed it.