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Rest in Pieces

  • PREMIERES: Friday 22nd October at 9:15pm

  • ON DEMAND: Until 31st October

  • Run time: 45 minutes

  • £5.00 per screen

Join Mystic Myrtle's weekly séance and commune with the undead, the fantastical, and a few things that would like to meet you down a dark alley... The realm of the living and the dead collide in a collection of shorts co-written by the 2019 Bruntwood Award Longlisted and 2021 Through The Mill short-listed writer and performers of the Edinburgh Playhouse, BBC Radio 4 and BBC Scotland. Journey into a world of twisted fairy-tale characters, a moving darkness, a very menacing bunny rabbit and more... Whether at work, at home or in your dreams, are you ever truly safe?

Written & Directed by Holly Wagner and Oliver Giggins.

Starring Holly Wagner, Oliver Giggins & Jerome.

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