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The Shadow in the Dark

"This is not [your traditional] ghost story and there seems to be no reason why any of it should have happened. But that is no reason why it should not be told..."


Edith Nesbit, creator of "The Railway Children" and "Five Children and It", invites you into her parlour, as she recounts some of her unsettling horror stories which have long been overlooked in favour of her male contempories.


Featuring an all female cast, and including magic lanterns, eerie soundscapes, and stylised presentations popular at the time of her writings, this show presents an adaptation of "The Shadow", a ghost story of lost love and longing, and "In the Dark", a terrifying paranoid confession of a (accidental?) murderer, along with real-life terrors from Nesbit's life.


An anthology hosted by Edith Nesbit, the show will also touch upon the authors own thoughts on the macabre as she records her tales of terror, her memories, and her fears to wax cylinder in this new work from Oliver Giggins, creator of multiple EHF Sell-Out theatre shows, and award winning director and magician Ash Pryce.


Content warning: Murder, death, some outdated views

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