Welcome to the Edinburgh Horror Festival 2020.  It's a little different to normal so let's go through the key points - If reading on a mobile device, just click the big square image above to learn how the digital shows will work this year, and have a look at our listings on this page.

1. Most shows are digital.  If they are donation shows then they will be watchable on our Facebook page, on the web page and on Youtube.

2. If it's a ticketed digital show you will be sent information on accessing the online show once you have paid.

3. The in person walking tour is strictly limited and you MUST purchase tickets before attending. Over 18s only.

4. To donate to donation shows there is a link on each web page, as well as in video. Please do donate if you are able.  Many in the arts havent been able to work and earn since Lockdown began- support the arts.

5. Although the videos are accessible for all, we suggest that younger audiences may not find them suitable.  As a rule, over 18s should view first, though most shows will be engaging for younger horror fans too.

6. Though this line up is intended, Covid issues are always possibilities and line ups could change at any point.

7. Each digital show* has a premiere date and time where it will stream as live.  It will be online for approx one our after it's end time before being made private.  The full line up will then be available form Monday 26th October at 6pm until the end of the Festival.

*The one exception is Dread Falls Theatre: Patient 4620.  This is an online interactive event which runs from 6pm on Thursday October 22nd until the end of the festival.

patient 4620.jpg

Patient 4620

Interactive Theatre


Edinburgh Horror Show


telltale heart.jpg

The Tell-Tale Heart


stand up horror.jpg

Stand Up Horror


dungeon tour.jpg
Literary Medium.jpg
cabin cabaret.jpg

Frankomime's Monster


The Horror Dungeon Tour

Walking Tour

The Literary Medium

Theatre/ Talk

The Creepy Cabaret Cabin


dr bonk.jpg
angry dead.jpg
pickmans model.jpg

Doctor Bonk's Lockdown Die-ary


Tales From the Frighthouse Vol 2


The Angry Dead: Ghost Stories of M.R. James


H.P. Lovecraft's Pickman's Model


fleeting fable.jpg

A Fleeting Fable



Haunted Voices: Gothic Storytelling from Scotland


how death became her.jpg

Trudy Carmichael's Improvised One-Woman Show: How Death Became Her

Comedy - Live Stream

urban horror fairy tales.jpg

Urban Horror Fairy Tales

Dark Comic Poetry


Out of Leftfield



HaunTED: Spooky Seminars


canterville ghost.jpg

The Canterville Ghost


talk dead.jpg

How to Talk to the Dead

Magic / Talk

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