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The Edinburgh Horror Festival, or EHF as all the cool kids call it, is one of the most popular Hallowe'en events in Edinburgh.  Incorporating theatre, comedy, magic, spoken word, movies, games, improv, workshops, interactive events and more.   So there will be plenty of things to do in Edinburgh during the Haunting season of Hallowe'en and Samhuinn.

Edinburgh Horror Festival is a programming and hosting organisation, we do not generally produce shows ourself though we may co-produce some.    In the overwhelming majority of cases shows are entirely self contained with no input or control from us. 

Any restrictions that apply to the Banshee Labyrinth, apply throughout the year for our regular events too.

When is it?

The main Edinburgh Horror Festival 2024 event will run at the end of October 2024.  But we also run regular events throughout the year.

When are tickets on sale?

Tickets will go on sale in Summer 2024 for the Main Festival, and are on sale year-round for our regular events.

Where is it?

Venue 1: The Banshee Labyrinth, Niddry Street, EH1 1LG
Venue 2: Lauriston Castle, 2 Cramond Road South, EH4 6AD

Are there age restrictions?
Unless specifically stated, all of our events are over 18 only and ID may be requested.  Do not do what one person did and try and sneak a child in wearing a costume after already being told it was an over-18s event several days before.   

What is the Banshee Labyrinth's accessibility like?

People with walking aids should be able to access the Banshee Labyrinth but do bear in mind there are spiral stone steps and straight steps within the venue, and to access some performance spaces.


Wheelchair users may find there is limited access to some areas of the Banshee Labyrinth.  It is best to contact us directly if you have any concerns about mobility and access.  This applies to all shows we host, produce and stage and not exclusively those during the main EHF runs in the Autumn.

It is a functioning, busy bar in the old town.  Outside of the performance spaces will be other customers, music, and the associated noise.  It is likely to be very crowded.  Shows in the Vault and Cave can experience noise bleed from the pub for those sat at the back, and later in the evening.

The main areas of the pub are brightly lit, there are accessible toilets on the main walkway from the main entrance, and there are non-gender specific toilets - cubicles are closest to the venue entrance, and urinals closer to the rear.  There is Wi-Fi in the venue and there will be members of the EHF on hand throughout.

You can read the venue's accessibility statement here:

What is Lauriston Castle's accessibility like?

Lauriston Castle is an old listed building, as such it has a number of restrictions on alterations that can be made and period features that are not universally accessible.  There is a complete, and thorough, breakdown of the venue available here: Lauriston Castle Accessibility Guide

How early should I arrive, and will you admit late arrivals?

You should aim to arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of any event.  This is especially important for shows at Lauriston Castle, and busier events elsewhere.  Whether or not you can get into a show late is determined by the acts themselves.  As a general rule, we do allow late admissions to our year round events at The Banshee Labyrinth.  Events at Lauriston Castle are difficult to admit late arrivals as once the main doors are closed, you can't get access.  We will usually have a team member at the front for a further 10 minutes, but admission is at the discretion of the act. If you are definitely attending but will be late, you should contact us immediately so we can be aware and advise you as arriving after the start time even by a minute may be too late to admit you.

How do I book tickets?

Shows can be booked via our website.  Head over to the "What's On" tab in the menu and click on the show you want.  You will be taken to a page where ticket sales can be made- in some cases this may redirect to a secondary website if tickets are handled by a third party.  This is usually only the case with certain shows at Lauriston Castle. 


We'd advise you to arrive no later than 10 minutes before to ensure you get a good seat for shows as the seating position is not allocated- the earlier arrival, the more choice in the exact seat you'll get. 


All events that are part of the main Edinburgh Horror Festival weekend in October are ticketed, and tickets must be purchased before entry is permitted.  You can buy tickets on ourwebsite, on the door, or at the box office.  Our year round events vary between ticketed and donation entry (Though you can pay to reserve online even for these)

Can I get a free carer/press/industry ticket?

The availability of "comp" tickets is determined by the individual act.  Most acts do allow a certain number of comps.  To discuss "comp" tickets please get in touch via our contact form.


Do I need to reserve tickets or can I just turn up?
As our venues are smaller, intimate spacs it is advised to book tickets ahead of time.  Some shows can sell out quickly, so if a show really interests you, then you should consider buying online. The on-site Box Office will only be open during the October Festival.

Can we buy drinks at the venue and take them in to shows?
You can buy drinks from the bar at the Banshee Labyrinth before and after the show and if you buy before you can take them in to the space.  During opening hours at Lauriston Castle you can purchase teas, coffees and soft drinks from Mimi's Bakehouse on-site, but you cannot take them into the castle.


How do I find out what shows are live streaming and how to I watch?
On the page for each show, it will say whether that performance will be doing a live stream, if there is a fee to watch, and how to watch it. Not all of our shows are live streaming, and shows will generally only stream one performance. The stream will be available to watch until the end of the festival, and you may be able to purchase a ticket to watch even after the live stream. 

I've bought a ticket, but now can't attend a show, can I get a refund?
As with many event companies we do not offer refunds unless a show is cancelled.  Sales are final. It may be possible, however, to switch your tickets to a different event.

Do you offer a full festival pass?
Not yet, but it is something we are looking in to.

Are there any Covid or Disease related restrictions?
There are no official rules, however each act may make their own entry conditions.  Feel free to wear a mask if not drinking, or test before coming along to events.

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