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Seance Magic in Scotland's Most Haunted Pub

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Ash Pryce Paranormal Illusionist: Ghosts of the Banshee
The First and Third Saturday of the month.  See below for dates and tickets.

Are you brave enough to attend an unsettling night of ghosts in the Banshee Labyrinth - Scotland's Most Haunted Pub -  built into the legendary South Bridge Vaults.  Experience a unique magic show drawing on the ghosts and undead nightmares that are said to haunt the room you sit in. A unique and original blend of mind reading, supernatural illusions, Ouija Boards, and ghosts stories- all told by candle light in the vaulted cinema of the Banshee Labyrinth -  this show will skirt the edges of what is real and what is on the other side of the veil.   

Ash Pryce Paranormal Illusionist: The Discoverie of Witchcraft
Begins September 2024.  Click below for dates and tickets.

WITCHES! SINNERS! DAEMONS! Join us for a descent into the realms of hell with Paranormal Illusionist Ash Pryce as you join us in the 250 year old vaulted cinema room of Scotland's Most Haunted Pub. Edinburgh was ground zero for the terrifying witch trials that had a bloody grip on the people of Briton for over 100 years and this show will take you on a journey of those days through paranormal themed magic, mind reading, occultism, and historical story telling; revealing the truth behind the trials, from the persecuted to the deceipt and cruelty of the persecutors. 

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