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Live Stream Shows

Below you will find all the shows we are live streaming this year.  Each show will be accessible for 24 hours after it finishes so you can step away if you need to and pick up later, or watch the show again.  Ticket prices for shows varies by show, and some are free but include a PayPal link for donations.  All events will be live streamed via the website.  You will be sent an email containing access information upon ticket purchase if tickets are required. 

The Devil in the Belfry.jpg

The Devil in the Belfry

27 October at 21:10

Dr Bonks Macarbaret.jpg

Dr. Bonks Macarbaret

28 October at 20:55

The Shadow in the Dark.jpg

The Shadow in the Dark

29 October at 19:40

The Frighthouse.jpg

Frighthouse: The Fear House

30 October at 19:30

I Was A Teenage Bisexual.jpg

I Was a Teenage Bisexual

31 October at 20:00

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