Edinburgh Horror Festival Returns with Digital Feartre for Fifth Annual Festival of the Macabre. 

October 22nd - November 1st

With so many events not happening, the Edinburgh Horror Festival refused to lay down in the grave and has risen, zombie like, to present a series of fun and freaky online shows in the lead up to Hallowe’en. 

Running from Thursday October 22nd until Sunday November 1st, the EHF will be making a number of pre-filmed theatre, comedy and storytelling shows available for viewers across the globe and featuring acts from as far away as Las Vegas.   

People will be able to access shows via Youtube or Facebook, as well as on the Festivals website, with each show receiving it’s own limited premiere stream over the opening weekend, followed by being available on demand from Monday 26th October until the end of the Festival. 

The program, which goes live October 1st, will feature acts as varied and bizarre as plague doctor and comedian Doctor Bonk, complete with plague mask in “Doctor Bonks Lockdown Die-ary”.  Variety and cabaret comes from Andromada Mystique in her “Cabaret Cabin”, theatre in the form of Noni Townshends one woman adaptation of HP Lovecraft’s “Pickman’s Model”, Erstwhile Media presents several different productions including “The Literary Medium”, a unique look at the psychic mediums who claimed to channel- and then write new works from – William Shakespeare, Mark twain and Oscar Wilde.   
Sell out spoken word story telling from last years Festival returns with new readings from Haunt Publishing's “Haunted Voices: Gothic Storytelling from Scotland” and Las Vegs comedian Trudy Carmichael brings her improvised one woman show all the way from Vegas strip in “How Death became Her”. 
There are interactive experiences too, with Dread Falls Theatre presenting “Patient 4620” - an immersive theatre show exploring the life and work of Gretel Sauerbrot, a once famous artist admitted to the Raventhorn Institute and then never heard form again.  You will be invited to the Royal Museum of Contemporary Art and through a series of audio guides you explore and uncover clues to Gretel’s past. 
There’s even a limited live, in person event (Covid allowing of course!) in the form of a Horror Dungeon Tour- two special events that combine a walking tour of Edinburgh’s spooky and unsettling old town, hearing tales of the macabre and ghostly before entering the Edinburgh Dungeon. 
Theresa Dewa, act liaison at the Edinburgh Horror Festival, explained the thinking behind this years approach “ With everything that’s happened this year, we couldn’t let Hallowe’en and the Horror Festival just fall by the wayside.  The organising committee spent a lot of time in Zoom meetings trying to decide the best approach.  We had almost a dozen different plans ranging from entirely digital, to entirely live and in person depending on what the restrictions were and I think what we’ve ended up with is an event that allows us to give a platform to artists and performers who have been hit particularly bad by the lockdown and restrictions” 


Going further, chair of the Festival Ash Pryce went on to say “millions have been badly hit financially by what’s happened, but the arts in particular seems to have been all but ignored- sure there was the late in the day (and pressured) decision to provide a wedge of funding but that hasn’t really trickled down to the artists, creators and performers who actually create the work.  Many have been unable to claim furlough, self employed grant or other benefits, so we had to make sure the Horror Festival went ahead in some form this year so that we could support those hard hit, and give them a platform to not only express themselves creatively but hopefully to earn something at a time of huge uncertainty” 


To that end, how will the events be accessible this year?  Dewa explains that almost all of the shows will be free to access but all come with donation links.   The EHF doesn’t take any of those donations themselves so people donating can be safe in the knowledge that what they give will go to the acts themselves.  Only two of the events are accessed via paid ticketing – the Horror Dungeon Tour and Patient 4620, available from the EHF website. 


If people want to find out more, see the whole program and get ready for Hallowe’en 2020 they can visit www.edhorrorfest.co.uk 



Venue: Online and Edinburgh Dungeon

Tickets: £0-£17.95

Dates: 22nd October - 1st november

Website: www.edhorrorfest.co.uk

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